A nice piece of print ( whether a photograph or an illustration ) can literally make a room or home feel like it is somehow more inhabited and not so lonely. Bare walls make feel lonelier than I already am. While college and school were more conducive to sticking posters on walls and door, there’s a certain charm to doing that even now. As I realized when I stuck these two pieces on two of the doors in my home. One on the bedroom door and one on the study’s door.

This one above is a photograph of a tree near the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It has jagged edges because I photographed it as a panorama and then used Adobe Photoshop to stitch it together and the software produced these edges. The photo was printed on archival paper and I cut out the white areas and stuck it on the wooden door. ( You’ve seen another version of this tree on a canvas frame behind my in one of the #ProTip videos I did recently. )

The poster below has been designed by Drew Millward and commissioned by Lenovo for their #YouInspired campaign. I am not an expert on poster-printing but this one feels like it is a silkscreen print on some gorgeous paper. I rubbed my palms on it while sticking it to the door a couple of times and I got a hint of green and blue color on them. It isn’t a digitally printed poster, which adds to it’s appeal even more. Lenovo’s been sending these out to influencers all across the world and while I’d Instagrammed it earlier, I only managed to straighten it out and stick it up to adorn my study’s door today! Love it.

The house definitely feel more cosy. I don’t particularly like empty walls. And now that the boy is sailing, it’s even worse. Now I’m thinking of what other photographs of mine I could print on framed canvases and adorn more empty spaces around the house. You’ve seen my framed canvas store where you can buy prints? I secretly want all of them of course!


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