What a title! Five Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow ( Like Right Now!) And super cool to be part of the “list”. Keeping all cynical observations about listicles aside, I’m quite kicked that Bhumika who wrote the short piece for Hindustan Times, actually picked up on my #EyesForStreetStyle series instead of my personal style photos that I publish under #CoverUp. The latter is something I’ve been doing for a while, sporadically, but I am only starting to get comfortable with it. #EyesForStreetStyle on the other hand has a whole other story that I’ve written about in my blog piece titled Street Style Photography in India & My Journey.

I don’t usually get to be on such lists because I’m not a “popular” blogger. My blog is still quite eclectic as compared to other more easily recognizable fashion and personal style bloggers in India. The other lovely ladies who are on that list are better known as personal style and fashion bloggers. My focus continues to be luxury and lifestyle and my explorations of any genre of blogging are more related to whether that genre is capable of being photographed. I love both photography and blogging equally and am at all times looking for ways to keep the combination going, without getting exclusive or boring. Looking good so far! Screenshot of the article below. Clicking on it takes you to the HT website where the article first appeared.

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The article states :

Why you should follow her: If you are looking for some indo-western look, look nowhere else. Summer and bright colours are her forte. If your style statement guides you to carry long ankle-length kurtis with gold accessories followed by fancy stilettos, you must explore this blogger.

Thank you Bhumika and cheers to the other awesome bloggers on the list : Akanksha Redhu – REDHUS RULE!, Rhea Gupte, Ritu Arya and Masoom Minawala. The blogging landscape in India sure is changing and I am thrilled to be still part of it – having started blogging in 2003!

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