Knottytales was in Canada photographing a wedding and when we were not photographing the wedding, we were being tourists. We had a chance to view the fireworks at Ashbridge’s Bay, Toronto, Ontario – not only did the chance present itself but the weather went from downpour to clear skies in a matter of minutes. Of course I had my camera with me and following is a collection of some of my favorite images from the 15 minutes of fireworks.

[flv w=935 h=1408][/flv]       Royalty Free Music by
above : I didn’t shoot with the idea of creating a timelapse but when I was going through the images, I though this would be the best way to display more than 250 images in one go. It’s not perfect – I did not have a tripod and I certainly was not aiming for consistency in my shots. There were times I just held the camera in my hands and stared at the fireworks in awe – the shutter was not pressed. If you are on a small screen, to view the video so that it fits on your screen, click Ctrl + the “minus” – key to reduce the size of the content on your screen.

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