There’s a new exclusive Cointreau cocktail in town and it’s called the Cointreaukini and I love it. Usually I hate cocktails because most bars serve more sugar and alcohol than something with any identifiable sense of character. And honestly that’s what I was expecting from this cocktail too – cynical I know – but so happy to be proved wrong! All credit to the boys Shivan & Narresh @shivan_narresh and Alfred Cointreau ( 6th generation no less! ) for a smashing evening.

Here we are, as we head out to PCO, Vasant Vihar for the launch of the cocktail. Akanksha Redhu on the left and a self-portrait of your truly on the right.

And look who we run into as soon as we hit the joint! None other than Prerna from L’Officiel (@pennylooney).

After the disastrous “punch”, which was sugary, we settled on the Cointreau Swizzle before we could get onto the Countreaukini. PCO has an intimate and cosy vibe – and there’s almost no mobile connectivity in the basement – excellent for an evening of conversation.

Below, Anand of Bhane aka @bhanelove.

Our Cointreau Swizzles being mixed.

The cocktail menu.

Below, Rukn Luthra @rukn.

Below, on the left, Narresh and on the right Shivan of Shivan and Narresh.

And Alfred Cointreau gets started on the exclusive signature cocktail he created for Shivan and Narresh! Yes! Egg whites! Protein in my alcohol – I love it.

Is the crowd making too much noise Alfred? Looks like yes! A little bit of shaking.

Adding Cointreau and sieve the berry seeds.

A little more of the shaking.

And there we have it! Cointreau and the bikini and we have the Cointreaukini!

The bikini didn’t appear by magic of course – there was a stencil – clever detail.

More people at the party.

@akanksharedhu in conversation with Alfred at the bar.

Narresh in conversation with Vincent Cleme @VincentCleme.

@mscocoqueen with Akanksha.

Soon-to-be-Birthday-Boy Anand Bhushan carrying cocktails for his friends.

Oooh! He’s looking at his cake so lovingly!

Reasoning that it’s definitely time to cut it!

Inside the ladies loo at PCO on the left and a very young Stephen Fry in a frame on one of the walls at the bar.

Printed digital photos from the event. Vincent Cleme, me and Siddhartth.

Akanksha, me and Prerna.

Oooh! A police escort to get us safely home *wink*

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