Part 01 : please don’t equate print publication journalists to online / internet bloggers,
Part 02 : please tell us what you want. In terms of coverage,
Part 03 : going to events / covering them is WORK for a blogger. People get PAID for WORK and
Part 04 : yes, you can have the images to use in your marketing brochure for an additional price.

Fifth, you don’t just sit on your hands when the blogger is delivering the goods. Amplify.

I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve felt like this :

Ooooooooh! New client and new relationship to explore!
Great! They want to work with me and really like my blog!
Sounds like a decent event, not as bad as the others I hope.
Oh look! So many familiar faces at this event!
I got some really nice photos from the event – and it was a short and sweet affair.
And look, I got a sweet little freebie too. Hmmm. Who should I pass it on to in my circle of friends & family?
Wow. The event must have been really something because I made ten Instagram & Twitter & Facebook updates! And there’s a couple of videos too!
The blog post looks fantastic. And the number of views are also more than average. Good job Naina.
Followed by…
*eternal silience from the client’s side*

Some of them follow up with a “Thank you so much!” email. And that’s it.
Some Re-Tweet a link to the story on my blog. Some share it on their FB pages.
Some pick up the low resolution watermarked images and share them one by one for an entire month on all their social media channels – always accompanied with a link back to the original story. THESE I LIKE.

When I did an impromptu story with Nokia, they shared the images and the link to the story on their FB page. I had 50,000 views on my blog in ONE DAY. My usual average monthly pageviews, at that point, used to be about 12,000. ( That number is about 36,000 as on date. )

A fashion designer whose show I covered at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week offered me a customized piece from their latest collection. I covered the show because I really like their clothes. There was no prior arrangement with anyone. And they shared my low resolution, watermarked images on all their social media channels with credit and link backs on ALL of them.

Put the blogger’s work to use. Which is why you hired them in the first place I hope. You get original content – you might not get to reproduce the entire content but you could copy an excerpt, tweet it and link to the original blog story. Amplify the blogger’s efforts.

The professional thing to do is to set expectations before hand – what you expect and what you’re giving and usually bloggers give more than what’s been discussed – it wouldn’t hurt if the client gave a little more in return – especially if it’s unexpected. I love surprises. Thanks.

Read this for some ideas on what brands are doing internationally.  Some Brands are Thinking Outside the Outbound Box for Blogger Outreach Don’t miss the linked case studies in the latter part of the article.

Also Bloggers Share Examples of Phenomenal PR. It’s a veritable Internet Rabbit hole really. Keep clicking and reading.

Those who don’t know how to amplify a blogger’s work are less likely to pay for it.

Please do add your comments / suggestions / ideas in the comments section – if you, as a PR Agency / Prospective client would like some specific questions answered or if you’re a blogger and have something you’d like PR Agencies / Prospective clients to know.

The entire “How To Work With Bloggers” series.

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