On our second day at Dharchula, we got lucky. The Kumaon Scouts’ planned a morning at the firing range! The boys were especially pleased because they hadn’t ever done this earlier. Above, Dad with the young Veterinary Doctor.

Waiting for the right time and instructions as well a briefing before we are allowed to touch anything.

A bit of firing before we head to the targets to check our aim.

Above, a view of the firing range. A little more than 100 meters away from the trench we were firing from.

The girls testing their aim.

The target I was aiming at. My only bulls-eye in the white square on the left and look at the tin from the back! Lots of holes there. This range is normally, on a daily basis, used for practice by the soldiers of the Kumaon Scouts.

All of us posing with our respective target boards.

The empty casings, soon after they are spent, are super hot. As a child when I’d once practiced firing ina  very similar fashion, after firing, while standing up from the lying position, I put my palms down on the ground for support; the ground was covered with spent casings and I spent the next two days with a bandaged palm. Burns. Never forgot that. But in this case, because each fired bullet needs to be accounted for, the soldiers helping us were collecting the casings in their caps.

Akanksha got the best score. We’ve branded her as the “Assassin” of the family.

A photograph of the score sheet was customary.

We then proceeded to a riverside brunch.

Beer and Mutton-Biryani with salad and curd. Simple and perfect.

A little bit of *dollar* gratitude for the soldiers before we headed to another destination for the rest of the day. It was a long day because of the activities, I’ve split it into two posts because of the number of photos. The next half includes photos from our jaunt across the border into Nepal.

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