( Photo from the 77th edition of #CoverUp )


A concerned stranger ( Facebook Friend ) recently sent me a private message about the above photograph. I’m not sharing their entire message but, in essence, they said I should be careful of boys posting dirty comments because it looks like I have my hand placed at a sensitive place. That I should, maybe, consider removing this image.

If only they knew how well I understood where exactly they were coming from. What point of view they had messaged me from.

“Sensitive” or even “unmentionable” is how our genitals are referred to in “polite” conversation. And I’m not just talking about women’s genitals. Men’s too. I will be lying if I wrote that I’ve always thought dicks and cunts are beautiful. Quite the opposite. But that view has evolved, as I hope everyone’s view will hopefully evolve if they put in some effort.

Many years ago ( yes I’m getting old ), someone I dated told me they wished they could cut off their dick and that would take away all the complications in their life. I kinda understood their point of view but I decided it was better to walk away from whatever that relationship was. I like dicks. Especially when I get to choose. I like looking at and appreciating naked bodies and not just for the purposes of sexual arousal. This idea that because someone likes looking at naked bodies, they also like having sex with any human ( or not ) specimen, is a massively silly assumption.

Over many years, I have taught myself to not be ashamed of my body and the things it does. It is a vehicle for me to live and enjoy life to the best of my ability and willingness. And it is what it is. I have no interest in cutting off my breasts or making them bigger. Or any other such thing. At the same time, if I change my mind about anatomical manipulations at a later date, that’s my call too.

“Oh but you know how boys are!” “You should’t put naked / half-naked photos online.” “You shouldn’t put any photos online.” No. And no. And no. YOU must make an attempt to change the narrative. It will be better for members of both genders. For living more wholesome, fulfilling lives. “When you get harassed online, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so.” Fuck off and die.

What I say or show online maybe interpreted in as many ways as the number of people reading or viewing. I do not intend to challenge any of those interpretations as long as they are represented as “interpretations” and not “This is Naina.” What you see or read is YOUR problem or pleasure.

You don’t have to agree with anything I say or do – it’s a browser window on YOUR laptop / desktop, close it.

If you think that’s a shit photo and I’m full of myself? Close the browser window, don’t ever click on another link I post.

If you think you see my hand stuffed into my genitals in the photo above and are tempted to jerk off to it, what are you still doing reading this?

In either case, I have no interest, whatsoever, in knowing what you do with your time.

I’ve got things to do.




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