I am starting a new series on the blog called #EyesForInfluencers

I will be interviewing one influencer every month ( to start with ) – maybe increase it to two each month, depending on how well this series is received. I haven’t finalized the criteria by which to decide who is an “influencer” and who is not. I will start with the obvious usual suspects and see where it goes from there. Ideally I would’ve liked to include only people who definitely have a blog but with the proliferation of social media channels and newtworks these days, it makes no sense to exclude those who do not have a blog – they will still be influential on their respective platforms. Some combination of quality and quantity – followers numbers and content – people who have already worked with brands ( paid gigs only ), etc., eventually leading to interviews with “rising stars” etc. across all genres : beauty / fashion / lifestyle / vloggers / instagrammers / travel / luxury / etc.


Here’s the criteria for inclusion in the Featured Influencers column interviews :


At some point, I’d also to interview / feature “Rising Stars” – people who are new to the blogging / “influencer” industry but who show potential by way of quality of work, and how quickly they are gaining an audience etc. Will have to think of criteria for them as well. Maybe every fourth person I interview could be a “rising star” and then I could go back to interviewing another three “Featured Influencers” who are going to be from the pool of “experienced influencers”.

Is there an “influencer” you’d like me to start with? You can nominate yourself of course. I’ll email you and formulate some interview questions and we can take it from there! Let me know who you’d like to see interviewed!

Inspired by this “Featured Influencer” series on Diary Directory.

Why wait for someone else to do this afterall. Would be a nice thing for an agency to do – to make themselves more viable to client brands I suppose. The series will be useful to people who want to be influencers – they can watch and learn and follow those who are already, currently, pushing the boundaries of this industry. It will also be useful to brands and agencies – they will be introduced to influencers they might have otherwise missed – and maybe they’ll end up signing up with more relevant influencers.

Who knows! Let’s see where this goes! You will be able to see all interviews under the #EyesForInfluencers category or simply go to EyesForInfluencers.com ( yes, the domain was available! )

Tell me who you’d like to see interviewed / featured. Leave a comment here with a link to the influencer’s blog / Insta / Twitter or email me on blog@naina.co with the subject “Featured Influencer Recommendation“.

Also open to brand / agency sponsorships – if you’re a brand /agency who has worked with an influencer that you’d like to see featured under this section ( and they meet the above criteria ), your sponsorship will help me cover my time-costs of interviewing / editing / publishing, etc. and you’ll get your name in the headline alongwith a link to your brand’s / agency’s latest product / campaign.


( Photo by Jean Pierre Dalbera. Photo is of a belt-buckle depicting a bear and a wolf biting a horse and the background also has hooked bird beaks. This buckle is from the Western Han 206 BC -.. 8 AD, made of Gold, found in the princely tomb of Chu, Shizishan at Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province from the Excavations 1995 Museum Xuzhou, China. License from Flickr. )




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