Restaurant closes at 10 p.m.
Avoid during weekends. On weekdays it is relatively empty and you don’t need to book a table in advance.
Parking available only for five cars. If full, you can park a little ahead on the main road itself ( don’t blame me if your vehicle ends up being towed by traffic police ), else park near the temple, for which you’ll have to drive another 500 meters. They’re supposed to have a Valet service but it’s not always available.

The food was lovely. Between us three girls, with beverages ( no alcohol ), starters, main course and dessert, we paid a total of Rs. 3,350. We were quite full – I definitely over ate. The appams with the Salli Boti hit the spot. The Salli Boti is served with roti and / or parantha but I  requested for appams and they obliged. The Prawn curry ( sorry can’t recall actual name but it’s a Bengali dish ) was excellent. The Assamese Chicken tasted funny – but only to me – it tasted similar to how stale dry dough powder smells after you open storage after a long long time. The yogurt cheesecake was great but too sweet for me – ended up leaving half of it. The jaggery “crepes” were wonderful and despite being quite full, we polished them off. Ended with hot filter coffee.

The Crafts Museum closes much earlier in the evening. If you decide to go to the restaurant in the winters, wear one extra layer than you would usually wear during Delhi winters – it gets very chilly owing to the green area where the museum is located. The restaurants have “angeethis” but these are usually shared and will not be placed too close to your table.

Crafts Museum : Website





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