You’ve seen what The Shard looks like from around London here. Here is what London looks like from inside The Shard. In Black and White. ( There will be another story with images in color because well that particular day London was a riot of colors! Lucky me! )

The Thames River.

The London Bridge Overground Station.

It rained, there were dark grey clouds, there were white fluffy clouds and blue sky and hazy mist. Too many seasons in a few hours!

I did go up to the 72nd floor but since it’s open-air, my trigger-fingers were no longer trigger happy and there were no points where I could take a picture from without those multiple layers of glass between London City and my camera lens. So, quickly back down to the 68th floor, where I stayed for the rest of the evening.

The one below? That shadow? That’s the shadow of The Shard on Tower Bridge!

The London Eye below.

St. Paul’s Cathedral below.

And a bit of London at night in black and white.

Can’t wait to show you color!
I promise a rainbow or two!