It is such a pleasure to be able to get my hands on the latest beauty releases and fragrances from CHANEL. This time around I got to take away some beautiful make-up and one absolutely exquisite Parfum.

The Perfection Lumière Velvet in 20 Beige is a foundation and I’ve never used a foundation quite like this one. It’s very light – especially suited to the hot & sweaty Indian conditions. Although in winters I would use this foundation with moisturizer. This foundation is in liquid form and once you start spreading on your face, it feels powdery. It’s quite amazing actually.

Then there’s the Les 4 Ombres 2014 Eyes Collection – not launched yet ( who doesn’t like exclusives eh? ) I got the 208 TISSÉ GABRIELLE, which is a palette of delicate grey, iridescent white gold, velvet black grey and greyish mauve. A very classic combination. This collection of eyeshadows is a revival of the originally-created-in-1982 classic. The formula has been changed – it’s supposed to be creamier and more longer lasting than the original. Since I’ve not have the pleasure to try out the originals, it’s impossible for me to tell you if there’s a difference – although the shadows are definitely creamy and easy to apply with the swabs. Two swabs is very thoughtful – one for the darker shades and one for the highlighters. Works.

The colors in the 4 Ombres are actually based on the colors of House tweeds. The four shadows are like the coloured threads of the fabric weave. I thought that was a very interesting tidbit.

That’s the Perfection Lumière Velvet in 20 Beige on my hand above – it worked quite well on my face – even though it’s not  a perfect shade match but any girl who has decent make-up skills can make that work for her by mixing in highlighters or brownish rouge / bronzer. The texture of this mouisturizer is really really light – and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a foundation at all. I can’t wait to wear more of this during the Indian summer.

And a nice bluish/purple eyeliner! I love slightly brighter colors to experiment with once in a while and this is a welcome addition to my make-up kit. This is also part of the 2014 Eyes Collection – Stylo Yeux Waterproof –  and this color is called 908 Iris, which is a lush violet-plum blue. It’s waterproof but not hard to remove with a bit of rosewater and moisturizer when you’re taking your make-up off at the end of the day. ( I have maybe 3-4 nights in the entire year where I’m lazy and don’t remove my makeup before falling asleep. )

Above left with no make-up on but with foundation. And on the right I’ve used the CHANEL pressed-powder that I’ve written about earlier. Plus the 4 Ombres Eyeshadow and the 908 Iris eyeliner. I also added a bit of the eyeliner to my eyebrows to see how that would look. Not bad I think – if I’m in the mood for a *little* adventure. Below other views of the same makeup.

Feels good – the blue eyeliner – adds a bit of punch and interest – even if there’s no other make-up on the entire face.

And then there’s this. BEIGE. Parfum. For a change, I like the slightly powdery / musky end notes of a fragrance but that might be because the initial notes are overpoweringly floral – not my scene ( Usually I’m found complaining about powdery notes in fragrances ). But once it starts to mellow, it turns into a completely different fragrance. This fragrance is a part of the Les Exclusifs De CHANEL and Beige was been created by Jacques Polge in 2008.

This is a 15 ml bottle and I’m quite certain I will be wearing this more at home so that whenever I do have to get out, it’s the mid and end notes I share. The initial notes really are quite powerful! If you like floral and feminine fragrances you should definitely try this one out.

And there you have it! CHANEL goodies from the Spring / Summer 2014 Collection that are about to launch by the last week of February and March all across the world. Some of these items are only available at a CHANEL store and in India you can head to the store at The Imperial Hotel in New Delhi.

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  1. Just found your website, after googling Tisse Gabrielle, which i bought yesterday. I wanted to say that blue looks amazing on you-I think a spot of blue over brown eyes is one of the best looks ever. And you are very beautiful!

    Have a good day.

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