Many exciting things have been happening on the blog and in my life and September is geared to be super-busy and much more exciting than August. I cannot have my fingers crossed though because so much to do and I won’t get anything done if I sit with my fingers crossed! Eeeeek! Here’s a bunch of stuff that has me all excited and has happened over the last few weeks. The #WhatsUpNaina posts are like a monthly summary ( sometimes maybe twice a month too ) of literally what’s up with me.

There’s a hot contest going on till the 12th of September on the blog, where you can win yourself one of three awesome new Michael Kors fragrances. ( It is a Twitter contest, do read more details about the fragrances and how you can participate on the original blog story #SportySexyGlam ) Pictured below is my favourite #Sporty Citrus!

Sporty Luxe is the hot thing in town and Hemant and Nandita are rocking it with their Autumn/Winter collection. That blue dress ( above right ) is so stunning! Can’t imagine the hours of work it must have taken to get this finished and ready. I’m planning to meet the designer-duo in person sometime soon, will share details of the encounter, hopefully with photographs! ( I’d link to their website but almost everything is accessible only if you have a login and password – maybe stay in touch with their updates on Twitter – Nandita manages their Twitter account on . )

Love the personalized keychain ornament! Thank you Nandita! I’ve stuck it on the zip on my handbag for now – the color matches as well.

I wrote about my latest smartphone, the HTC One M8 and I also published a canvas print with a photograph I shot using the M8’s camera!

Akanksha’s gone and done a cool thing on her blog. There is now a “SHOP” section where she shares her “lustlist” with direct links to where other interested people can shop the same items! I’ve always been a huge admirer of Akanksha’s styling skills and I’ve taken enough help from her to take my jeans and tee look to the next level. I dress a whole lot better thanks to her and can’t wait to see how her blog’s Shop evolves!

The LiveInCotton Tumblr photography project seems to be doing great. Everyone’s been super-gracious and the response has been amazing! Thank you Ishita! ( I have also started sharing individual profiles on the blog from the #LiveInCotton project – there are other photographers so the best place to see the entire project is the Tumblr blog – but if you’re interested in seeing photographs I have contributed, head here. )

And I no longer have a personal page on Facebook! The Naina.Co Facebook Business Page is how you can now keep track of what I’m doing, otherwise, this blog is the best place! ( Read about why I quit Facebook. )


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