The first ever Hermes Silk Ball in New Delhi was held on the 20th of November at the Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri and it was a cute event with quite a guest list! And the guests did not stop coming in till midnight! It is Hermes after all! It all kicked off with this splendid invite arriving in my mail. The Herms Silk Ball follows the template of a Masquerade Ball and eye masks are supposed to be THE thing to carry and wear. Since most people wouldn’t know where to get their eye-masks here in Delhi at least, Hermes did a smart thing by including a mask cut out in the invite itself! Clever. Even so, many guests turned out without masks and Hermes had tons of masks at the venue too! I could spot a couple of people who had brought in their own masks. I made one for me of course – you’ll see it toward the end of this post. ( No photos from the event though, I was busy sampling everything on the food table – the food was AMAZING – everything was stunning but the Shepherds Pie was out of this world – I forgot how many helpings I had. Leela Palace Chefs are quite something else. Brilliant French cuisine for dinner that night. )

The eye mask I made is below. I had a bit of black velvet ribbon lying around from one of those Fashion Week goodie bags, which was perfect to hold this eye mask in place. I wanted to work with colors from the Hermes invite above but ended up using all the bright colors in the plastic packets. The mask is made of plastic using a 3D pen called the 3Doodler. This was also the first time I made something useful with the 3Doodler since I first ordered it – it has been a couple of years since I ordered it! I spent about 3 hours making this mask and did not start with a stencil because I like to “wing it”. Judging by the reactions of whoever saw it at the event, I think I did a good job. ( Although the reactions might have been nice more for the “novelty” of a self-made mask than for the mask itself – there weren’t many people who had masks different from the ones provided by Hermes. I of course went overboard because Hermes is one of my favourite brands and this was the first time I was invited to one of their events as a guest! Wheeee! )

Hermes had set up a photo-booth at the event where they were wrapping guests in one of Hermes’ iconic silk scarves and photographing them in four different poses that the guests could choose. I posed twice – once with Akanksha and once with my friend Neha ( you might remember her as the Ellesmira edible couture girl who created Suhel Seth’s 50th birthday cake. ) I had to wear my mask of course – otherwise so much hardwork for what? The photobooth and the food were the highlights for me.

And a delightful photograph of me with Akanksha by Aman Godara.

Here’s to more Hermes events in India! And sorry it me more than a month to actually share this! Believe me I hadn’t forgotten about it – life just kind of took over for a while.
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