Having lived in Bombay for five years from 2003 to 2008, when I left, I did not want to see it. Ever again. I succeeded at that for the most part. Since I’ve left, this was the fifth time I’ve visited. Fifth times in eight years. Each time I’ve gone back earlier, I’ve tried my best to go from the airport to the hotel to the place where I have to report and then back and that’s it. Too many ghosts in Bombay I’d rather never see again. But this time was different. I’m not sure what it was but I’m no longer avoiding Bombay. I’m back baby!

Bombay will always be that city that prevented me from making one of the worst decisions of my life and then I also made one of the best decisions of my life while I was there. Prior to Bombay, I used to credit my school ( APS, Dhaula Kuan ) for a lot of growing up during my teenage years. During my 20’s, it was Bombay that helped with a lot of growing up. It will, forever, be the city where I can at least think of going for a walk at ten p.m., with my camera slung over my shoulder, without worrying about pretty much anything – except the stench and the rats.

This trip was different. So different that because I couldn’t wait to be back, I’m going to be in Bombay in another two weeks again!


I was in Bombay last week for the #GetPepped masterclass by Joseph Radhik.

Don’t forget to watch the above timelapse in HD and fullscreen on my YouTube channel.





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