We could have driven straight from Delhi to Jaisalmer but the Jaipur and Jodhpur pit-stops were made to meet friends. My parents’ friends. As I’ve already mentioned previously, I love being able to accompany them for this. It does get extended and tiring, but I know that a few years down the line, I’m going to come back to these blog posts and be very glad I did this.

After a one-night stop-over at Jaipur, we headed to Jodhpur early morning.

I carry my coffee with me wherever I go – whenever I remember to at the very least. I’m writing this after I’m back at my desk in Gurgaon. The Rajasthan sky put up quite a display when we were there. From sunrises to sunsets and even the hail-storm rainy welcome back to Delhi today! Jaipur to Jodhpur too had a stunning early morning sky.

One of the worst Onion Uttapam’s I’ve ever had. During the pit-stop coffee break. There’s something about eating South-Indian fare while I’m on the road. Haven’t been able to point out why but my tongue objects to Onion Uttapam in Rajasthan.

We stayed overnight smack in the middle of the Jodhpur Army Cantonment. This was my first time in the Cantt. area – I’ve been to Jodhpur previously to photograph the Maharaja of Jodhpur Diamond Jubilee Polo Cup for Royal Salute in 2012. But I had no idea how sprawling and huge the Cantt. area is! It’s massive and it’s really well-laid out and managed. The blue sky makes everything photogenic.

The evening dinner was reserved with Lt. Col. C. S. Bhati (Retd) and his family. We were all meeting after years and the welcome might have been a tad emotional. The goodbyes were made with promises of keeping in touch. As they all are. Till daily-life catches up. ( Do try the Car Khana food truck on the corner of Paota B and Paota C roads – where the two roads meet. Delicious mutton and fish every evening. )

Below, me – forever trying to balance the fight between the photographer and the posing-blogger. Much fun most of the time but doubly tedious. More photographs ( there are thousands that I shot on the DSLR and the mobile phone ) coming soon on the blog. With hopefully slightly more detailed notes about the photos and the day. Follow the #EyesForRajasthan page for the latest from this trip!

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  1. Pictures are talking everything. Great crisp write up. Down memory lane happily. GOD BLESS

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