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So far, I’ve blogged photographs from Day One of this trip, which was the drive from Delhi to Jaipur and the #CoverUp edition I shot with Trunks Company. Day Two from Jaipur to Jodhpur photographs are also on. This is part one from the third day on this trip, where we stopped over at the War Museum just outside Jaisalmer, before we were well-met by the Suryagarh Jeep. ( I also recorded a podcast episode while we were at Suryagarh! )

We left Jodhpur on time and caught a chai break on the road. The roadside “dhabas” and food and chai joints get more and more sparse as one drives toward Jaisalmer. These parts are where some sand dunes still remain. My Dad was recalling how during his tenure in the Indian Army, when they used to be deployed here for “exercises”, there were dunes till the eyes could see. Now, there are farmers growing wheat! Except my Dad, this was the first time the rest of us were visiting Jaisalmer.

When we’d shared the itinerary for this trip with Dad, he specifically wanted to stop over at the Jaisalmer War Museum, which is a new addition to the landscape. So there we were! During the rest of the trip as well, the conversations about the recent surge in “nationalism” and how the country had reacted to Gurmehar Kaur’s video / campaign, were discussed thread bare. I’m not one to discuss politics usually, but it was intriguing to me as a fauji’s daughter, even though – thankfully – my father is still alive and was not lost in war. I don’t know Mr. Kaur personally, but from whatever I’ve gathered by looking at the original message she’d put out – in its entirety – she has my complete support. Fuck war.

No trip anywhere is complete without portraits! Especially with this red hat that I was carrying for a #CoverUp edition that I had in mind specifically for Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, which would come after Suryagarh. ( Red hat is American Apparel, woven hat is Hermes, and the top I’m wearing below is CottonWorld. )




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