Lunch at an Oasis, Jaisalmer #NAINAxSuryagarh

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Previous photo stories from this trip : – #CoverUp personal style feature that was photographed at Suryagarh ; – recorded one episode of my podcast, The Naina Redhu Experience, from the roof of my room at Suryagarh ; – Welcome to Suryagarh ; – Dinner On The Dunes. Throughout our stay at Suryagah, Jaisalmer, I heard my father tell us, multiple times, that things had change.…
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#WTFNaina : Do I Know You?

We are looking for some top Instgrammers to collaborate with Brand X for one of their Influencer Marketing campaigns. You’ll be required to post about the brand from your Official Instagram Handle and answer a few of the fashion queries on the Platform. We wanted to know if you’re interested in this campaign and if yes, please share your quotes…
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