And something from Hermès! One of my most favorite brands.

L’Ambre Des Merveilles or Amber Wonderland. Eau de Parfum crafted by Jean-Claude Ellena for Hermès. With a beautiful sparkly bottle. ( I’d read Jean’s book The Diary of A Nose many months ago and it was delightful to read about his routine and work. I still have to write a review and introduce the book! )

I’ve recently started paying more attention to my fragrances and while this is not something I would ordinarily pick at a store, it is definitely interesting and something new for my nose. It’s luscious and buttery and sweet and salty. A little too sweet for me but it’s a nice change.

Because this fragrance evokes warmth – in feeling and on looking at the bottle – I’d say it’s a more Winter-Season fragrance than Summer-Season. It’s toasty and reminds me of cinnamon and caramel and toasty things. Also definitely a feminine parfum.

Such a beautiful bottle with sparkly gold stars! One thing I’ve noticed with the design of the bottle is that for some reason, I continue to yank at the spritzer thinking it’s the bottle’s cap – even though there is no cap. I do it every single time I reach out for it.

L’Ambre Des Merveilles has a powdery finish and almost seems oily to the touch – smooth and velvety might be better words. It is supposed to have notes of Patchouli ( which if you have been following stories on my blog, is my favorite fragrance ever. ) but I can’t seem to smell any on this fragrance. Also Vanilla – I’m not a fan. But the boy is, so it works *wink*

The “woody” bit that I can just get a hint of, for some reason, reminds me of “meethi-supari” ( sweet betel nut ).

Fragrances react differently on different skins and most end up powdery on mine and I don’t like that. This one takes very long to get powdery on me, so I don’t mind. I do feel it’s a calming, soothing fragrance – especially since I’m attempting to be calmer and trying some guided meditation.

I’ve included another Hermès fragrance in a previous story, Un Jardin En Mediterranee.

Thank you for the bottle of L’Ambre Des Merveilles Hermès! I’m using it regularly – perfect timing too – Winters in India! Happy Holidays! Cheers to new things and the new year!



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