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The amount of data I produced in 2015 : 3,172 GB

January 345 GB
February 70 GB
March 500 GB
April 6 GB
May 163 GB
June 135 GB
July 400 GB
August 440 GB
September 580 GB
October 106 GB
November 217 GB
December 210 GB


File formats included in the above:

RAW files in the .NEF and .RAF formats for the most part but also
Video files for #TheNainaRedhuExperience ( RAW video footage recorded on the HTC One M8, converted to Constant Frame Rate using HandBrake, brought into Premiere Pro for editing & exported as .MP4 )
RAW files in the .DNG format thanks to the new HTC One A9
.JPG files produced on the smart phone
.JPG files produced on the DSLR ( Nikon D810 and FujiFilm X100 mostly )
.JPG files in high resolution and medium resolution, without watermarks, for client download
.JPG files in medium resolution, with watermarks, for publishing on the blog


No. of blog stories published on in 2015, using the above : 905


Photography Client assignments of 2015 that contributed to a majority of the above :

St. Regis Brand Launch
Le Meridien Jaipur
Zee Jaipur Literature Festival
Le Meridien New Delhi
Le Meridien Gurgaon
Pre-Baby with Gaurav & Manasvi
Meet The City Magazine
Louis Phillipe Pro Golf Cup
Amazon Fashion
EyesForStreetStyle for Select City Walk
BMW India Bridal Fashion Week for Swarovski India
#InVogueEyewear for Luxottica
“Indian” by Manish Arora for Swarovski India


Brands worked with and featured for blog stories that also contributed to the above data :

Dandelion Dreams
India Art Fair
Korra Jeans
Benefit Cosmetics
Hard Graft
Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers
KOOVS: only because of Brienne of Tarth *wink*
GAP India
One School, Goa
Za by Shiseido
Harper’s Bazaar
British Council
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Conde Nast Traveller & Van Heusen
Sudio Sweden
Until Next Time
Age Of Reason Studios, London
Mi4 by Xioami India
Under The Mango Tree honey
The Meraki Project by Sonali Pamnani
Eye Em Festival
Negative Underwear
American Apparel
Liveheroes Okudart


Fashion Designers featured in blog stories :

Rahul Mishra
Rajesh Pratap Singh
Abraham & Thakore
Pankaj & Nidhi
Hemant & Nandita
Namrata Joshipura
JJ Valaya
Anju Modi
Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna
Amalraj Sengupta
Sneha Arora
Shweta Kapur
Monisha Jaising
Daniel Silverstain
Ohne Titel
Idan Cohen
Francesca Liberatore
Bibhu Mohapatra
Tess Giberson
Dolly J
Kommal Sood
Prashant Verma
Saaj by Ankita
Tanieya Khanuja
Suneet Varma

One of my favourite photo series, #EyesForStreetStyle took up a lot of the above-mentioned storage space. 2015 is when it really kicked off. I even wrote a bit about the street style photography situation in India. It has blown up since then – in a good way!

Cities & events covered by #EyesForStreetStyle in 2015 :

New Delhi
Khan Market, New Delhi
India Art Fair
Zee Jaipur Literature Festival
St. Regis Polo, Jaipur
New York
various Airports


Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi even commissioned me to photograph a series for them!


Fashion Weeks covered :

Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015
New York Fashion Week
Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

I made a new friend and wrote about her and photographed her : Shruti Tomar.

I lost 12kgs of weight, got fitter and wrote about it : Body Consciousness & Evolution.

I had myself photographed for 38 editions of #CoverUp in 2015.

11 self-photographed.
22 photographed by Akanksha
01 photographed by Shruti Tomar
3 photographed by Bharat and
1 photographed by Dad.


Traveled to:

New York
Los Angeles

Spent a day photographing the Indian Women’s Hockey team as a personal photography project.

Met Jon Ronson and Joe Rogan in person. *pinch me*

Joined the crowd-funding platform Patreon to see how that works out for someone in India. ( Worked out just as I’d expected i.e. not great. )

Started working on my YouTube Channel, publishing videos under the title : The Naina Redhu Experience and published 19 episodes.

Launched the Fragrance Of the Month feature on the blog.

Kickstarted the #MadeInIndia feature on the blog, which included:
#CoverUp edition 61 and separate features on each brand that participated:
Chiaroscuro Bags
Raiman Official
Maharani Baug
Vanilla Moon Shoes


All of 2015’s 905 blog posts can be seen on one page : 2015 – but be prepared for a lot of clicking on the “load more” button!


What I do for storage :

Two of the WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup work as one backup of material produced for one entire year. At least in 2015. The years prior to that needed even less. I purchased one of these in August 2015 for Rs. 5,500. The latest one I purchased on 30th December for Rs. 7,800. And just three days after I placed that order, the very same item is now available for Rs. 9,700. I don’t know what’s going on in the storage devices industry but it does seem fucked up., Luxury Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer, Storage Solutions, Western Digital, WD, My Passport, Ultra, Portable Hard Drive, Luxury Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer, Storage Solutions, Western Digital, WD, My Passport, Ultra, Portable Hard Drive, Luxury Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer, Storage Solutions, Western Digital, WD, My Passport, Ultra, Portable Hard Drive

Prior to the above, I had ( and still have ) eight of the WD Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD20EZRX) ( the newer model is the Western Digital Blue WD20EZRZ 2TB Internal Hard Drive ). I haven’t managed these too well though. Some years have double back ups and some don’t. I use these as external drives because there’s a pug-in point on my CPU’s case that allows me to hook up one of these externally – I don’t need to open the case each time I need to perform a backup. I do manual backups. What I am now planning to do is to get two of the portable drives per year as one backup copy and two of the internal HDDs as a secondary backup copy that I can store at a permanent address. The portable ones I can carry with me if required.

I have not found any cloud storage options that are convenient or reasonably priced for my requirements. Internet speeds are still woefully slow in India and I am estimating that my rate of production of data is going to be about 4TB per year for another two years and then possibly more. I can’t imagine any scenario where I can upload 4TB of data on the internet upload speeds of 0.5 MBPS. 80,00,000 seconds it would take. 1,33,333 minutes. 2,222 hours or 92.5 days, assuming the server-side can maintain a continuous connection for that long and assuming the power doesn’t go out my side – I’d still have to leave one computer dedicated and powered on for this to happen for 92.5 days.



I will try to report at the end of 2016, how different the scenario was from the one I’ve summarized above. Cheers!




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